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Rangemaster Gear Bag® was designed for shootng range professional personnel, shooting enthusiasts – and any other person that has to grab much stuf real uick. The bag was designed to facilitate and promote compartmentalizaton of the contents. Some of the pockets feature inner specialized organizers for maintenance tools and compounds. There
are numerous small Velcro panels throughout the bag to identfy the contents with HelikonTex® Tag Patch®. The inside is lined with large Velcro panels to allow full customizaton of the contents. The bag is fully compatble with the Versatle Insert System, allowing to atach holsters, pouches, medical inserts and so on. The whole bag is stfened and made of
extremely rugged Cordura® 500D and 1000D. Wide Universal Carrying Strap® and rugged carry handles allow to comfortably carry even very heavily loaded bag.

-Takes Universal Carrying Strap
-Rugged carry handles
-Stiff sides
-Flat velcro-closed paper target pocket Zippered outside fap pocket
-Three capacious zippered pockets inside fap
-Two side pockets with velcro panels (one designated Automotve Med Kit® pocket)
-One zippered pocket with internal organizer (velcro panel, loops, zippered pocket)
-Two fat zippered pockets (one designated ddirty pocket’)
-Designated Med-kit uick-access side pocket
-Small velcro panels compatble with Helikon-Tex® Tag Patch system throughout
-Two detachable, fully customizable stf dividers with fat velcro-closed pockets allowing to
organize the contents
-Velcro mountng panels inside to atach Versatle Insert System®-compatble organizers,
pouches and holsters
-Woojin® buckles
-YKK® zippers